Roshan Dahya

Master Practitioner Hypnotherapist & Trainer, Master NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® and Performance Coach

What would it mean to you when you now wake up each day well rested, full of energy, breathing easier and with all of your senses such as taste and smell heightened?

What are you going to do with all of that extra money now that smoking is an old habit of the past for you?

 Hi I’m Rosh and for many years I wrestled with the tug of war that smokers deal with. A constant wanting to stop and yet something else going on inside kept that old habit going. I used to get down on myself for all that wasted money, the dry wheezy coughs and nightmares of shadowy figures chasing me (which disappeared completely when I quit). I was sick of not tasting all of my meals properly, having to stand outside in the cold and the long restless international flights because I was hanging out for a cigarette at the other end. With all of that, the worse had to be the worry and concern my mother expressed constantly as she would see people with smoking related emphysema at her place of work every day glued to machines helping them to breathe.


Suburb:  Wellington NZ 

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Fortunately, I was lucky enough to attend a hypnosis training weekend and I have not looked back since. Hypnosis led me on a path of self-discovery as I learned how to change my behaviours at the deepest levels of my unconscious. It was at this level that I was able to get to the root of the smoking and let go of it effortlessly and easily with zero withdrawal or cravings. After just one session with a highly passionate well-trained hypnotherapist who is truly committed to his clients’ wellbeing, smoking became a thing of my past the moment I left his clinic. The hypnosis was so powerful that I left a lucrative I.T career to become the best hypnotherapist I can possibly be. Hypnosis is such a profound and natural technique that I truly believe every single human being can benefit from its use in everyday life.

I believe every current smoker out there deserves to live a fulfilling healthy smoke free life, free of the inner turmoil and the stigma associated to smokers these days. Along with the sky-rocketing prices, heavy taxation and outrageous chemicals the tobacco companies continue to add to cigarettes, I aim to assist any willing smoker who is serious about quitting to break free from the smoking prison. I would love to serve and assist you in becoming a happy healthy non-smoker and giving you back your freedom and power of choice. 

In addition to the hypnotherapy I am a certified Master Practitioner in NLP and coaching for success and human performance. I am available to assist others in eliminating negative habits, limiting decisions & achieving rapid change in the areas of human performance and mindset. Together we can work to get you focused on what you really want and implement the positive habits and behaviours to get you to where you really want and deserve to be.