Oscar Hudson

Master Practitioner Hypnotherapist & Trainer, Master NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® and Performance Coach

Master Hypnotherapist and Trainer, Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner, Coach and Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Practitioner in Emotional FreedomTechnique (EFT), Time Line Therapy® and Positive Psychology.

Why I am excited to provide the Stop Smoking package through the 123quitnow.com programme?

Because I know it works!

I spent 24 years as a smoker and went through three failed attempts to quit by going “cold turkey”.

It was extraordinarily difficult and I experienced terrible cravings. My health and

entire immune system was compromised by my smoking, resulting in a chronic illness which left me permanently exhausted. I visited numerous doctors and underwent countless tests and treatments searching for a cure, until finally, by chance, I met a naturopath and discovered just how effective non-traditional health therapies can be.


Suburb: Oxley ACT

Phone:  +61 450 962 106

Email:    oscarwhudson@gmail.com


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Fully convinced and converted, I have been on the wellness path ever since.

During the last five years, I have completed a master class in Hypnotherapy and courses in other specialised areas of natural therapy.

I have successfully helped many clients to quit smoking, restore balance and achieve positive changes in their lives.

Our three-step Stop Smoking program has already transformed lives and can do the same for you.

Book for your free strategy call with me today, and let me help you begin your journey back to good health